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    Drone Roofing Tools

    Drones are beginning to become almost ubiquitous nowadays, and, at the same time, the importance and potential of their impact on our lives is ever-increasing. These aerial devices attract a lot of attention and are beginning to become accepted tools in the world of facility management.

    There are many possibilities for using them in utility management services, including for roof inspections by Flower Mound-roofing contractors.

    One of the most interesting functions of drones is the ability to scan the roof with the help of an infrared camera, providing the facility manager the opportunity to analyze the condition of the roof and to observe the existing or potential leaks. They can easily detect problem areas, which are quickly assessed after a visual inspection.

    Facility managers can receive valuable information regarding the positioning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and other roof-mounted installations, so that they are better prepared for any future intervention.

    Poorly secured objects or unsecured materials, such as tiles or shingles can be blown away easily and present real risks. Facility managers can eliminate these potential hazards with the visual assistance provided by drones. In addition, insurance reports for hail damage are possible through drones equipped with GPS equipment.