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    Roofing Company Explains Hard To See Roof Damage

    The roof of a house is designed to last for a very long time, but not forever. Climate factors as well as inadequate installation and maintenance may lead to the roof being replaced sooner or later.

    Unlike wall, furniture or floor defects, roof wear is not so obvious, thus more difficult to notice. Therefore, it may also be difficult to determine when is the right time to call for repairs or start planning a replacement.

    To figure out when to turn to best Dallas roofing company specialists, it would be preferable to periodically check the condition of the roof, especially at the end of the cold season or after the storms. This is the only way to spot damage signs that are hard to notice, such as:

    1. Infiltration of water in the attic (this problem is likely caused by damaged tiles, flashing or drainage system)
    2. Cracked paint (if you notice this, the roof may not be properly ventilated, resulting in excessive humidity)
    3. The appearance of mold. Mold stains are not always visible. Sometimes they appear in hidden corners or behind large furniture pieces, so you may not notice them so easily. However, mold can release a specific odor and will certainly alter the quality of indoor air, so keep an eye on these details.