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    Roofers Trends 2020

    The latest trends in roofing are focused on energy conservation, a movement that has generated a new range of energy-efficient eco roofing products. We selected 3 of the latest trends in the roofing industry that will continue in 2020.

    Green or living roofs

    Living roofs are more and more popular, and this trend is a result of the global ecological movement, which promotes eco products for everyday life. Green or living roofs are a wonderful sight in the cities, due to their vegetation layer. They have a beneficial influence on the environment, by creating a natural habitat and reducing acid rain.

    Solar roofs

    Solar panels have been present in the roofing industry, in various forms, for some time now, but the green movement made them truly popular. Solar roofs were often viewed as being unaesthetic, until the manufacturers created design versions that raised consumer interest. Nowadays, there are solar shingles that can be used as roofing materials while promoting energy saving.

    Cold roofs

    The idea of ​​a cold roof came while researching the reflective properties of specific materials. Manufacturers applied the law of reflection not only in materials, but also in colors for the roof, creating a new market for cold roofs. They reflect sunlight and do not absorb heat due to their light color, reflective paint layer and unique mixture of gravel, being particularly suitable for warm and sunny climates.

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