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    Chimneys are sturdy constructions made from durable materials and built to last, but even these strong building components need repair occasionally. Here are some signs that indicate it might be time to pay some attention to your chimneys:

    • White staining – also called efflorescence, the white stains that can be seen on many chimneys are caused by excessive moisture and by the penetration of soluble substances into the bricks, such as salts. If neglected, efflorescence can lead to the premature aging of the chimney;
    • Rust – another type of damage caused by the presence of excessive moisture, rust can appear on the metal components of the chimney if the sealing of damper is damaged, the flue tiles are cracked or the chimney suffers from some other type of mechanical damage. The problem requires the attention of a professional;
    • Spalling – the term is used for the peeling, popping or flaking of the brick, stone or concrete that makes up the chimney. The cause of the problem is, once again, excessive moisture and the best way to fix it is by removing and replacing the damaged material;
    • Damage on the crown of the chimney – the crown is the chimney component that takes most of the beating from the elements. The issue that most frequently affects the crown is cracking – if you suspect the crown on your chimney is cracked, call a specialist in roofing Dallas homes, because the proper diagnosis can be only given by an expert.