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If your home is situated in a warmer climate like the one in Southern Texas or California, you’ll want to check on what the best materials to use in these climates might be. Depending on whether the weather is typically dry or moist, you might also want to make sure your chosen materials can cope well with high humidity and precipitation levels, or that they have a good fire protection rating.


Slate and concrete are two of the best materials to use in almost all instances. Available in lighter hues that will reflect sunlight rather than retain it, these materials are often thick and dense, providing good protection against heat and sunlight, and they are also very durable, fireproof and often great for fending off summer storms and hail.  They do require a Dallas roofer to be installed most of the time though, unlike an asphalt shingle roof.


Another, possibly more beneficial option, is to install a metal roof. Metal is a great idea for cool roof designs. As in the case of concrete and slate, it also gives you a lot of design options, and it has all the other advantages, along with lower maintenance, a lower cost and a more practical installation process. As an added bonus, metal roofs are also highly energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about the low thermal resistance of the roof leading your AC system to break down.