Roofing Companies That Offer Warranties

Getting a new roof or having a large part of the old roof replaced or repaired is a huge investment, so you need all the warranties that you can get. There are lots of different types of warranties attached to roofing projects, including not only the warranties offered by the manufacturers of the roofing materials used, but also the warranties offered by a roofing company like CLC Roofing on the installation work.

While the manufacturer’s warranty covers the materials that will be used for the roofing project, most roofing material manufacturers have very strict requirements when it comes to how their products are used – if the contractor that is in charge of using the products does not guarantee that the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions are followed, you might lose the product warranty altogether.

What a roofing contractor that offers warranties on his services can give you is not only peace of mind that your roof has been properly installed – he can also give you the peace of mind that your investment is protected if your home is affected by some sort of extreme weather event, such as a storm or a hurricane. The first thing that homes insurers do in such cases is to check whether the roofing materials used are suitable for the climate area and if they have been installed in a flawless, professional manner – the only way to prove that is by providing the manufacturer’s warranty accompanied by the contractor’ warranty.