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    Best Roofing Product

    Hail damage is one of the main reasons why homeowners have to call local roof repair experts to the scene. Whether your roof is leaking, or you have broken or cracked shingles, chances are at least some of those problems were created by a recent hail storm.


    To prevent hail from causing further damage to your home, consider installing the following types of roofing shingles instead of your old ones:


    1. Metal roofs are extremely durable and impact-resistant. They can easily withstand almost any type of storm, and their ability to last through a hail storm is impressive to say the least.
    2. Although fairly expensive to install, solar glass roofing also has excellent impact resistance, and specifically, it has a surprisingly high hail rating. Also great for energy efficiency, solar glass can help you save a lot of money down the line, on roofing repairs and electric bills.
    3. Natural and synthetic slate are also fairly high ranked when it comes to hail damage and weather resistance. However, be careful of the price and make sure you hire a capable roofing team, since slate can be tricky to install.


    While these roofing types will do the trick when it comes to durability and protecting your home against hail, be careful of cheaper options such as the most affordable asphalt shingle and wood shingle roofing. While these can still last for up to 15-30 years, they are not as resilient, and even if they are properly installed you will need to cover a lot of repair costs due to hail damage, should you install them.

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