Roofing Contractors Install Skylights

Skylights are great additions to any room that needs more natural light or to spaces that you want to enlarge visually. However, even properly installed home skylights by Dallas roofing contractors have special maintenance needs and are prone to developing leaks, so here are a few tips about how to keep your skylights in good condition:

  • Cleaning – a skylight is essentially a window and like any window, your skylight also needs to be regularly cleaned. The process is the same as the method you use with your regular windows;
  • Regularly check for leaks – check the area around the skylight inside as well as outside. Inspect the drywall around the skylight in the room to detect any signs of excess moisture in time and check the flashing around the skylight from the outside, looking at the area from the roof surface. If you detect any issue, fix it right away – small defects can turn into major problems very quickly;
  • Check the glass – skylights are made from special, reinforced glass, but even so, the glass of the skylight is more exposed to falling and airborne debris than other windows in the house. Check the glass regularly and get it replaced if you notice even the smallest crack;
  • Check the hardware – the skylights that can be opened use hardware that needs to be checked regularly. Improperly closing skylights can be a major cause of energy loss in the house, while jammed hardware prevents the proper movement of air, so both problems need to be remedied in a timely manner.