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    roof system weak areas roofing repair

    In general, roofs are designed and manufactured to withstand weather exposure and protect a building for a certain period of time, depending on the materials they are made from. However, due to their constant and direct exposure to the elements, they are also considered vulnerable elements of a building that require regular CLC Roofing maintenance to prevent damage.

    In order to ensure that you do not expose yourself to risks generated by possible problems with your roof, it is highly advisable to perform at least two visual inspections annually. Be careful about the smallest details and call a team of professionals immediately after identifying problems, to make repairs on time.

    The parts of your roof most susceptible to damage include:

    • The structure of the roof

    Most roof structures are still made of wood, and wood can rot due to water infiltration, or it may be affected by pests (dry rot is one of the biggest problems you can have when it comes to the structure of your roof).

    • Roof valleys and joints around roof penetrations (chimneys, skylights etc)

    These parts must be well sealed with flashing, to prevent water infiltration.

    • Cover materials

    The roof cover must be intact, with no curled, cracked or missing shingles/ tiles and no loose accessories.