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Roof repair and replacement projects in Dallas have to be considered carefully. Sometimes the cost of a replacement can be avoided by repairing or upgrading your old roof. However, you will need to have at least a basic understanding of the signs that point to the necessity of roof repair or replacement:


  • The most common signs that your roof needs to be repaired is that it has flashing damage, or that there are missing or broken tiles. In some extreme cases, when there is structural damage or your roof has a big hole in it, your Dallas roofer might recommend a complete replacement.
  • Another sign might simply be that your Dallas roof is too old and keeps sustaining damage. An old roof will not last much longer, so it usually has to be replaced. This is especially true for damaged roofing systems in Dallas that might require ongoing repairs. These fixes might end up costing you more than a replacement in the long run. So, your best Dallas roofing company will likely recommend that you not wait until your roof is irreparably damaged before you act.
  • Exposure to the UV rays that hit Dallas every year can have dire consequences for an older roof that was either not installed properly, or didn’t have the materials and protective coating required to reflect UV radiation properly. As a result, if you notice condensation, increased moisture and uncommonly warm temperatures in your attic on warm, sunny days, you might want to check with your contractor to find out if your roof needs to be fixed or replaced.