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    Skyview Of Roof

    The small, unmanned airborne vehicles commonly known as drones have been initially deployed by the military, but more and more other industry segments, including the roofing industry recognize the benefits of using drones as well. The small aircrafts are especially useful for roofing projects – here are a few of the applications they are the most frequently used for these days:

    • Accurate and consistent roofing measurements – roofs often come down in awkward angles that make human access difficult and dangerous. Drones can fly over the building on which the new roof is going to be installed and take pictures to provide the exact dimensions of the new roof;
    • Accurate damage assessment – damaged roofs should not be stepped on by humans, but in the past there was no other way to evaluate the extent of the damage sustained by a roof. The imaging technologies used on drones make the damage assessment process safe, efficient and accurate as well;
    • Data for the installation of solar panels – solar installers also use drones a lot to get the data they need for calculating the dimensions and the costs of the panels to be installed;
    • The creation of accurate blueprints – the data provided by drones can help roofers in Dallas model what the new roof will look like.