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impact resistant shingles clc roofing

The climate of North Texas is very capricious – it is subtropical, with very long and hot summers and it is also continental, which accounts for the wide temperature variations. The hot spells in summer are often interrupted by devastating storms – a feature that makes it very important for local building owners and managers to implement adequate storm protection measures for their roofs. One of the best ways to minimize the risk of storm damage is to use impact-resistant roofing materials – here are a few things to know about these special products:

  • Resistance classes – roofing materials are classified based on many categories, one of them being impact resistance. There are four impact resistance classes, Class 4 materials being the ones the highest resistance;
  • A rigorous testing process – impact resistant materials are put through a number of lab tests before they are made available for selling. The tests include dropping steel balls of various sizes and from various heights onto the material as well as wind simulations. Only the materials that pass the test are sold;
  • Financial benefits – impact resistant material cost a bit more than conventional products, but the building owners who choose the solution become eligible for various financial advantages, such as tax reductions and lower home insurance premiums.  For a look at the different types of roofing materials available to you see Https://