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corrugated metal roofing in Dallas roof maintenance

Metal roofs are very durable structures that provide reliable and lasting protection for the buildings they cover, but even these strong roofs need some attention every once in a while. Metal roof maintenance is a simple and straightforward process for those experienced in roofing in Dallas TX – here are some tips about how to do it:

  • Stick to the schedule – ideally, metal roofs should be maintained every six months, once in spring, to address any issues that appeared during winter, and once in fall, to prepare the roof for the coming winter;
  • Remove debris – the first step in any roof maintenance session should be roof and gutter cleaning to remove any dirt and debris from the roof surface as well as from the drainage pipes around the roof. The roof surface should be cleaned first because the cleaning process might drive debris into the gutters;
  • Careful inspection – metal roofs can stand up to a lot, but they can be sensitive to strong impact. When the roof is clean, inspect every inch of it to detect any dents, holes, cracks or gaps on the roof covering materials as well as on the flashing stripes;
  • Address the issues right away – whatever fault you detect on the roof or on the gutters, make sure that it is remedied right away to prevent any aggravation of the damage, such as the appearance of leaks.