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    Quick Tips For Roof Repairs

    Chimneys are durable, strong and resistant structural components, but they are exposed to the elements all the time, which can wear them down over time according to experienced Dallas roofing professionals. Some types of chimney damage are visible from the outside, but the absence of obvious indicators is not a guarantee that your chimney is safe and sound. Here are some obvious and some less conspicuous signs that your chimney needs repair:

    • Damaged mortar – this issue can affect the part of the chimney that rests on the roof as well as the part that runs through the attic to the fireplace. Fortunately, it is easy to remedy, but you need to fix it as soon as you can to avoid water penetration and aggravated damage;
    • Spalling – this problem appears when the previous issue is left unaddressed for two long. The water absorbed by the chimney’s bricks damages the masonry, causing the bricks to peel, to pop or to crumble, so be quick to remedy the issue;
    • Rust in the firebox – if your fireplace becomes difficult to operate, the cause may be the damp and rusty firebox. The issue poses a fire hazard, too, so you need to act quickly;
    • A damaged chimney crown – this issue can be noticed only if you climb up to the chimney and take a close look. The crown of the chimney is the first line of defense against the element – if it gets cracked, it can no longer protect the other parts of the chimney against water damage, so restore the integrity of the component as soon as you notice the cracks.