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    July 4th Celebrations Home Roofing Safety Tips

    The 4th of July is celebrated with friendly gatherings, family barbecues and fireworks. However, the special day is not that enjoyable for roofs – according to the statistics, roof fires and roof collapses are more frequent during the preparations for the day as well as on the holiday. If you want to make sure that this year’s celebration is both enjoyable and safe for your property, here are some simple roof protections measures to implement:

    • Trim the trees that have limbs overhanging the roof – fireworks are great fun to watch, but are a major cause of roof fires, especially on properties that have large, old trees. Trim the trees branches that overhang the roof to prevent such a dangerous situation, call roofers in Dallas to make minor repairs to your roof;
    • Don’t step on the roof – many people decorate their roofs for the 4th of July – if you are one of them, use decoration that can be installed while standing on a ladder and does not require to step directly onto the roof. Fireworks are more enjoyable from a high point, but resist the temptation to climb on your roof to watch the show – even the strongest roof can collapse under the weight of a group of people moving around, not to mention that walking on roofs without suitable protective gear is dangerous, too.