Top Trending Roofing ProductsEach new year comes with new trends in fashion, in make-up, in cars and in construction, too. The trends in the various areas of the building industry don’t change as fast as fashion trends and some have been around for a couple of years now, but construction technology develops very fast and the process adds new materials, new technologies and new design solutions each year. Here are some of the most popular roofing trends for the current year:

  • Solar roofs – the integration of solar panels and photovoltaic cells has been around for a while and it is becoming increasingly popular as new technologies make it possible to reduce the manufacturing costs, while increasing the efficiency of these great, sustainable roofs;
  • Cool roofs – the usage of materials that reflect solar heat are also becoming increasingly popular, especially in hot climate zones, where such a roof can significantly reduce cooling-related energy expenses;
  • Green roofs – the solution requires the installation of special drainage and irrigation systems and constant maintenance, but the solution protects the building underneath from heat and it improves air quality inside the building and around it as well;
  • Impact-resistant roofs – with strong storms and hail becoming increasingly frequent even in regions that were previously not prone to such extreme events, the roofing materials that provide increased protection against impact and high winds are also very trendy.  To research and find the different types of roofing materials best for your climate and area, call local Dallas roofing contractors for consultation.