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    Roof Vent Upgrde With Replacement Roof

    Roof replacement involves the complete removal of the roof covering material as well as of many other roof components that cannot be salvaged or that you want to replace. The process is an excellent opportunity to implement roofing upgrades easily – here are some that you should consider:

    • Airtight caps for your chimney – these great modern additions improve the energy efficiency of your entire home by preventing unnecessary heat loss through the chimney;
    • Eave flashing – if you live in a region that gets harsh winters with lots of snow, the eaves on your roof can be damaged by ice dams. To prevent that from happening, you can include the installation of eaves flashing into the roof replacement process. Eaves flashing usually comes in the form of self-adhesive, bituminous material that prevents the formation of icicles and gets attached to the edge of the eave;
    • Roof vents – most old roofs don’t have good ventilation, so the replacement of your aged roof is an excellent opportunity to make improvements in that direction, too. Talk to your roofer about the best type or types of vents to use and include vent installation into the list of processes to be carried out – ensuring proper air movement underneath the roof comes with numerous benefits, such as a healthier home that has cleaner air.  A great roofing contractor like can be found in your area.