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    North Texas, also known as North Central Texas or Nortex, with the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in its center and divided into three metro areas and six micropolitan areas, is located at 250 miles off the Gulf of Mexico, very close to the Trinity River, in a plain area at an elevation of around 131 m. The subtropical climate of the region makes summers very hot as any trained and skilled Dallas roofing contractor will tell you, but North Texas is also a territory that gets continental climate, with wide temperature variations and the amount of annual precipitation also varying considerably.

    North Texas gets four distinct seasons. Winters are mild and usually not snowy, but short periods of extreme cold are not uncommon. The region being located in the southern part of the Tornado Alley, the springs in North Texas are quite stormy, south being the dominant wind direction. Summers in the area are very hot and dry, with daytime temperatures often over 100 °F and temperatures at night usually not dropping to under 80 °F, longer hot spells usually being interrupted by big thunderstorms. The hot season is followed by a very short and usually quite wet fall that starts at the end of October or at the beginning of November.