Roofing Contractor Talks About Roof Vents

Passive roof vents are simple, but ingenious roofing components that can ensure efficient air exchange underneath the roof, thus ensuring the health of your roof and of your attic area and helping you maintain the energy balance inside your home.

This type of roof vents is called passive because it ensures the proper flow of air naturally, without the use of motorized fans. Passive roof vents come in various shapes and sizes, each type requiring a different place of installation – here are some of the most common types:

  • Ridge vents – installed on the top of the roof, right under the ridge caps, they are used for ensuring air flow in the attic area as well as for protection against dust, rain and snow;
  • Static vents – these affordable and efficient vents are practically lined holes along the roof;
  • Gable vents – these types are installed around the gable ends of the attic. Their efficiency increases with height and they are usually installed in combination with other vent types;
  • Wind turbines – these vents look like mushrooms installed on top of the roof and they vent the attic space when they catch the force of the wind and transfer moving air towards and fan that propels heat out of the attic.  Any experienced roofing contractor Dallas has will be able to work with the different styles of roof vents.