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    roofing wind damage flower mound

    High winds can damage even the strongest roof and the fast movements of air don’t even need any help from rain or hail to devastate roofs. Here is what wind can do your roof:

    • Leaks – wind can lift roof covering components, detaching them from the underlying structure and creating gaps through which water can seep in. Winds do not hit the entire roof surface with equal strength, the most sensitive areas being the corners, the edges and the ridge cap;
    • Lifting larger sections – this effect is similar to the previous one, but it affects larger sections of the roof. Strong winds are able to lift entire roof slopes and even if the affected part is not ripped off completely, the fasteners can become broken, leaving the roof vulnerable when the next storm hits;
    • Impact – winds can carry large objects that can fall onto your roof. The most typical examples of airborne debris are small twigs, dried leaves, dust and dirt, but really high winds can carry much larger objects and they can also tear off the branches of the trees near your building, just to drop those limbs onto your roof. All roofing materials are sensitive to impact to a certain extent, so the type of damage to look for if you suspect damage by impact is cracks and broken components, and at best have a Flower Mound roofing professional do an inspection for roof repairs to be done.