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    Roof Colors 2020 Roofing Ideas

    When building a house, in addition to the importance of the quality and strength of the roof, you must also consider the aesthetic side. For this reason, the ideal roof must have an aspect that resonates with the rest of the house and not make a discordant note with the rest of the neighborhood. Here are the main criteria to keep in mind when choosing the color of your roof.

    1. Models of your doors and windows

    It is recommended that the roof be part of the same color combinations as windows and doors, to create symmetry and to avoid visual mistakes that could lower the value of the building.

    1. The architectural style of the house

    In choosing the color of the roof, you must be guided by the architectural style of the house. For example, a building in Spanish-style would look great with reddish, ceramic tiles.

    1. The level of energy efficiency

    Apart from the visual aspect, the color of the roof influences the energy efficiency of the house, which means that it may help you save money on your energy bill, every month, if it is correctly chosen. In this sense, light shades of the roof will reflect the sun and are recommended for areas with a warmer climate.  Be sure to check with a local roofing company like to see what colors do best in your area.