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    Rain Gutter Cleaning Tips

    The drainage system of the roof is of major importance for extending its lifetime and protecting the building. It has to be designed and dimensioned, right from the start, according to the dimensions and characteristics of the roof that we want to install. The lack of a drainage system will lead to water infiltration in the walls and rapid erosion of the facade and of the building`s structure, which will inevitably lead to high costs for house maintenance.

    The drainage system is composed of gutters, which are fastened by hooks from the roof structure, and downspouts (the tubes on the facades of the buildings), and it has the role of collecting the water from the roof and directing it away from the foundation and to the sewer system.

    If we have a roof with a larger surface, we have to look for bigger gutters and downspouts. Specialists say that a 10 cm diameter downspout can easily evacuate water from a roof of 100-200 sqm, depending on where it is positioned.

    In order for the drainage system to do its job properly and have a long life span, it must also be maintained regularly. Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned of dirt, leaves and other vegetation debris in order prevent clogging, see Clogged gutters would lead to water infiltration inside the house. Also, during winter, snow and ice must be removed from the drainage system.