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    Colleyville high impact roofing materials

    Many homeowners complain about roof damages caused by the wind and hail each year. The most vulnerable roof components are unsupported sections or joints, the edges and the corners.

    If your house is placed in a harsh condition area, some recent improvements in the construction materials can help to prevent some damages. The main solution for protecting your roof may be impact resistant shingles which are also named” Shingles with the Class 4 rating” against hail impact. This roofing shingle system has been tested by the Carrollton roofing specialists, which proved its reliability. Impact-resistant shingles are

    In order to do that, this specialist applied four testing classes. Different sized balls made of steel were dropped at different heights, at highs speeds, above this new type of shingle. This way, they were testing the impact of hail falling at high speeds. But aside from hail, it can also resist high-speed wind impacts or blustery weather.

    Impact-resistant shingle is considered to be the most durable shingle. Basically, it has an improved granule adhesion made of special polymers, which give it a rubbery texture. This prevents the shingle from cracking, even in freezing cold conditions, and offers long-term roof protection. But these shingles can also be made of plastic, aluminum or copper, or even resin.