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One of the main effects of solar radiation is the overheating of roof surfaces. Unless it is in the shade of higher buildings or trees, a roof is directly exposed to the sun, and this may have negative consequences on its lifespan. Certain roofing materials are not so resistant to high temperatures and UV rays, so they will age prematurely, it’s always good to ask the best Dallas roofing company in your area what products are heat resistant.

The roof of a building is subject to particularly intense effects of various natural factors, therefore, not only the comfort inside the house, but also the service life of the entire structure depends on its reliability and quality.

A cold roof aims to solve the problem of overheating that occurs especially in summer. It is nothing more than a roofing system capable of reflecting sunlight by up to 75-80%, preventing overheating, improving the thermal comfort inside the building and lowering the energy amount used for constant air cooling with AC units.

However, a cold roof can also be obtained with the help of thermal insulation, by installing the insulation layer above the ceiling, so as to keep the attic colder than the living space below. In this case, additional ventilation measures of the attic are needed, because when hot and humid air from the living space passes through the ceiling and reaches the colder space of the attic, the change in temperature can lead to the formation of condensation.