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    roofing contractor roof flashing installation

    A very important roof element, flashing is the point of intersection between two slopes or the places where the surface of the roof meets a wall (e.g. around vents, chimneys etc.). Basically, where you have two sloped roof surfaces that meet, flashing comes to complete the roof, at the intersection angle. This element insulates the intersection and has the role of protecting against water infiltrations. Roof flashing also has the role of directing water towards the drainage system (i.e. gutters and downspouts).

    It is important to note, however, flashing cannot be found on all roofs; for instance, if you opt for a single pitch roof, there is no need for flashing, as it has nothing to protect.

    Types of flashing

    Although it may seem a simple piece of metal sheet, you should know, when you are looking to buy this accessory for your project, that there are two types of flashing: simple and special. Special flashing refers to products that have a stamping area (the metal sheet is processed to obtain a surface that slows down the water flow, to ensure its safe collection and drainage.

    Whatever type of flashing you choose, it is important to hire a team of professional roofing contractor Dallas installers, as there are details that could jeopardize the quality of the final work and you must not compromise when it comes to your roof.