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    Dallas Roofing Flashing Installed

    Given the important role that the roof plays, it is essential to be careful what solutions you choose for your house. The roof system must include roofing materials, accessories and auxiliary elements, such as flashing.

    In order to fully understand the essential role of flashing in the process of building a strong roof, which ensures a maximum degree of comfort inside the house, it is mandatory to know what it is and what role it plays.

    Flashing is the accessory installed under on the line of intersection of two roof valleys that form an angle between them. Its role is to join the two valleys and isolate their intersection. Flashing is essential to collect rain water from the roof and evacuate it to the gutters, preventing the appearance of infiltrations.

    From the definition of flashing, we can extract the following important information: not all roofs need flashing – only those that have several valleys.

    Roofs with more than one valley involve a greater investment, and this is because they need larger amounts of material and, automatically, more roof accessories. According to a simple calculation, the more valleys the roof has, the more flashing will be used to join them.

    Roof accessories are not optional, but mandatory as is having the installation done by the best Dallas roofing company available.