In Need Of Roof Repair From CLC Roofing

Missing shingles on your roof might seem like a small issue and the problem is easy to remedy, indeed, but the hole left behind by the shingle that has been torn off can cause very serious damage, including inundation during the next rain, waterlogging on the ceiling and the development of mold and mildew all over the house, so the best thing to do when you notice that one or more of your shingles are gone is to act quickly and fix the fault. Here is how:

  • Pick the right time – quick action is important, but your safety is essential, so do the repairs when the roof is dry and rain is unlikely;
  • Get a ladder and anchor it safely to the roof edge – place the ladder on even ground and fix it to the building to prevent slipping;
  • Put on the right clothes and make sure you have everything you need for the operation – put on an overall, non-slip work boots and a helmet and carry everything you need, including the replacement shingles and the necessary tools, to the attic;
  • Make sure that the area where you will be installing the new shingle is clean, then lift the shingles above and slip in the new shingle. Fix the new component with roofing nails and apply some roofing cement, too, to make sure it is properly fastened.  If the problem is a bigger task than you can handle, hire CLC Roofing of Dallas to do the repair.