what you need to know severe storm damage roofers protocol

Those who have lived in the Dallas Forth Worth (DFW) Metroplex can tell you that anyone living in the area has to be thoroughly prepared to deal with severe storms and the damage that their aftermath can bring in its wake. If you just moved to the area, you might want to check on the DFW Metroplex storm damage protocol.


The protocol consists of guidelines that each and every homeowner and business owner should know when it comes to gathering evidence and dealing with the process of filing a storm damage insurance claim.


The first steps should be to take pictures and videos as evidence as soon as the damage is detected, protect your valuables and belongings, and ensure that no further damage can be done, for instance, by covering a hole in the roof to prevent rainwater from continuing to flood your attic.


Next, it’s time to do a thorough inventory of your damaged goods and belongings, find any receipts that will prove that you’re the owner of those items, and finally contact your insurer or a public adjuster to help you with your claims process. Once the damage estimates go through and you’re able to get your compensation, it’s time to hire one of the great Dallas Texas roofers to handle the damage.