Dallas Suberb Home Roofing

Wild weather is no stranger to Texas, so it is normal for homeowners to ask how long can they expect their home`s roof to last. 3-Tab composition roofing (shingles) are the most popular due to their price, but their resistance to storms is not so great, so their average lifespan in Texas climate is 10-12 years. The good thing is that there are different roofing materials and some of them are created for extreme weather.

Some of the best choices you can do for your roof include:

Metal roof

Metal roofing has various types, but in general they are all very good options, waterproof and made to resist thunderstorms, high winds and hail experienced in Texas. The average lifespan is 40 years.

Stone coated metal roof

This is an even better option than metal roofing, with a high wind uplift rating (120 MPH), and a lifespan of 50 years even in storm-prone environments.

Clay tiled roof

Clay tiles have a lifespan of up to 100 years, if they are properly installed and maintained, being able to withstand winds over 125-130 MPH, and ensure proper ventilation, which is great for Texas home that require to be kept cool during the summer months.

Slate roof

A slate roof is expensive and requires a solid resistance structure considering its weight, but it will last for a lifetime. It is highly resistant to fluctuations in the weather, as well as to extreme weather.  Have professionals at https://clcroofing.com/ install your new roof.