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    roofer installed metal roofing

    Metal tiles and shingles represent a very popular material, which is becoming increasingly used not only by the builders and companies dealing with the residential buildings, but also by different companies, public commercial buildings, private authorities, etc.

    This roofing material provides advantages that cannot be ignored:

    Low costs

    A metal roof is definitely not the most affordable solution, but it offers great value for the money, especially in terms of durability and average operating life. With this type of roof, you will not have to worry about the costs for reinforcing the roof`s structure, as the metal is lightweight and will not add excessive load (approx. 5kg/ sqm is the weight of metal tiles compared to approx. 45kg/ sqm added by using ceramic tiles).

    Long warranty

    Generally, warranty of a metal roof is ensured for 30 years for corrosion/ oxidation and 20 years for the color. The average operating time, based on international tests, is 50 years.


    In Texas climate, a metal roof is even more efficient, because it reflects the sun rays, demonstrating its energy efficiency. Texas roofs get a lot of sun exposure as does a hardworking Dallas roofer, but a metal roof reflects the heat instead of absorbing it, so it contributes to maintaining a nice level of indoor comfort.