A CLC Roofing Client’s New Wood Shake Roof

An attractive and unique roof can add value to your home’s drive up appeal. That is one of key reasons that consumers consider wood shake shingles for their roof. However, it is important that you understand the pros and cons of using wood shake when planning your roof purchase.

The pros of Wood Shake Shingles are listed below:

  • Unique and Attractive: Because wood varies in color and thickness, there are a variety of ways that your roof can stand out with wood shakes. Depending on the pattern used on the roof and thickness of shingles, a wood shake roof can be one of the most unique features of your home.
  • Energy Efficient: Wood shingles allow a house to breathe by allowing air circulation beneath the shingles while still providing proper insulation. A properly installed wood shake roof should allow air flow in and out of the house letting fresh air in and toxins out while keeping your energy bills low.
  • Eco-Friendly: Wood shakes are biodegradable and when the time comes to replace shingles or the roof, you can rest assured that you aren’t filling landfills with roofing materials that will sit there for years. In addition, there are recyclable shingles on the market giving you additional options in making a “green choice.”
  • Long Lasting: With proper maintenance, your wood shake roof should last many years. Frequent roof checks are an important part of this maintenance and a service that CLC Roofing is happy to provide.
  • Fire Retardant: Certain wood shake shingles are pressure treated to meet the National Fire Safety Standards. By using these shingles, your roof and home could be spared extensive damage in the tragic case of a house fire.


A Properly Installed Wood Shake Project by CLC Roofing

There are some cons to using Wood Shake Shingles that all customers should consider. Below are the two main drawbacks:

  • Installation Cost: Proper installation of wood shakes takes skill and time. It is important to use a skilled roofer that will do an appropriate job and not a fly by night roofer looking to make a quick sale. CLC Roofing’s long standing reputation and list of happy consumers testifies to their ability to help you with your wood shake roofing project.
  • Maintenance: As with anything worth having, a small amount of maintenance can go a long way. Wood shake shingles can be prone to wood rot, mold and insects. Regular roof checks can often catch these problems before they become larger ones. Remember that your roof is a large investment for you home, it shouldn’t be ignored.

CLC Roofing knows that a happy customer is an informed customer. If you have any questions about wood shake shingles or desire a free roof evaluation, call CLC today at 1-800-810-2510.